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WAUC is a management consulting charity that empowers top university students to provide high-quality consulting services for not-for-profit organisations and charities, in order to help overcome challenges they may face and enhance their social impact.  

We are socially innovative

 WAUC connects the untapped competencies of passionate university students with the unmet needs of socially conscious NFPs. The quality of our consultant teams is the foundation of our ability to innovatively serve our clients and create lasting social impact. For this reason, we invest all our resources in identifying exceptional people, developing their skills and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders.

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Our Clients 

We create social impact

Since 2014, WAUC has worked to improve health equality, bridge the education gap, build sustainable Indigenous communities, protect the environment and advocate for Western Australian businesses by helping 19 NPFs across 28 projects receive the strategic expertise required to enhance their social impact. WAUC has inspired social responsibility among 86 young leaders who are empowered to use their skills and serve the broader community.


FEASIBILITY STUDY  we offer feasibility studies of new or existing business platforms  


We offer feasibility studies of new or existing business platforms. 

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We offer revenue maximisation including charitable fundraising and membership value propositions.

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We offer market research coupled with financial and economic modelling.

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We offer organisational change and cost-reduction strategies. 

We empower students

WAUC gives its consultants a hands-on experience in management consulting.
 Students are provided the opportunity to collaborate with talented peers, be part of a fast growing organisation, contribute to meaningful work and strengthen their skill sets. Furthermore, we offer comprehensive training and leadership functions that include regular sessions with top-tier consulting firms. 

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Lions Outback Vision engaged a WAUC team to research how to feasibly and cost-effectively increase the rate of diabetic retinopathy screening in WA in order to reduce the rate of preventable blindness. The consultants conducted economic modelling that fed into a broader strategic document… The team was professional, hardworking and made a meaningful contribution to this difficult policy area.

Associate Professor Angus Turner

Lions Eye Institute

WAUC have recently completed a large project looking at the fundraising performance of Breast Cancer Care WA. Their recommendations are well researched and incredibly valuable... Working with the team has been an absolute pleasure – they are a group of passionate, driven and professional consultants who have not only provided great insight and advice, but have delivered a project which we as a charity organisation could not have funded but so greatly needed.

Zoe McAlpine

CEO of Breast Cancer Care WA


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